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        Fancy Car Bed

        we have king size, queen size, California king size

        Fancy car bed is our classic model with a strong sense of design.

        Top design philosophy of Italy: not design for design, only design for life!

        Italian design ideas: fashion, neutral, simple, refined.

        Always be elegant, concise, exquisite; Emphasizing happy, sexy and free,

        Design comes from inspiration, inspiration from life, and above life.

        Italy‘s first - class craft combine with Chinese culture!

        Top materials: pure solid wood, the first layer of calfskin, the latest bionic fabrics, first-class handcrafts.

        The forefront, fashionable, unique style

        Let sleep back to nature, the end of fashion is original and simple!

        the essence of Oriental culture and Western culture

        Perfect combination of technology and art

        World-class design, give you a diamond grade home!

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