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        CONTACT US

        CBD Furniture Australia Sydney store :

        CBD Furniture Australia Melbourne store

        CBD Furniture USA store

        CBD Furniture Philippine Manila store

        CBD Furniture Singapore store

        CBD Furniture Taiwan Taichong store

        CBD Furniture Cambodia store

        CBD Furniture Auckland store

        CBD Furniture Korea store

        CBD Furniture Lao’s store

        CBD Furniture Bangladesh store

        CBD Furniture Pakistan store

        Add:No.8-1, Xinlong Industrial zone, Shahu Communtiy, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen Municipality, Guangdong
        Tel: (+86) 755 28419743
        E-mail: info@cbdfurniture.com
        Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am--8pm

        Please contact us with any questions or feedback. If you have a question regarding a specific issue, problem or complaint regarding a CBD product that you have already purchased, please contact directly the dealer where you made the purchase

        Customer service


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